CoOLSIG Webinar: Navigating Copyright for Libraries

We recently posted about the new open-access book Navigating Copyright For Libraries which Jane Secker and Chris Morrison contributed a chapter to. The book aims to to provide “basic and advanced information about copyright.. (to) …help libraries and librarians find their way through the copyright maze.”

We delighted to announce that two of the other authors who contributed to the book will be joining us for the latest CoOLSIG webinar on Friday 18th November at 11am to talk about their chapters.

Dr Zoi Krokida, University of Stirling, will discuss her chapter Use of Filters by Online Intermediaries and the Rights of Users: Developments in the European Union, Mexico, India and China. The chapter looks at the impact of online intermediaries’ adoption of filters on the rights of users. The intermediaries facilitate the uploading, discovery, and sharing of information, but policymakers have been concerned that they also facilitate copyright infringements. Policymakers responded to these concerns by introducing new legislative frameworks and forcing online intermediaries to deploy filters to curb the circulation of unauthorised content. However, the filters are not always able to identify lawful content related to copyright exceptions, sometimes removing content unnecessarily which leads to censorship of content available to users.

The chapter by David Meehan, O’Reilly Library, Dublin City University, Applications of Limitations and Exceptions in Higher Education in the European Union, considers copyright law in the EU and how it balances interests of rightsholders with the legitimate concerns of consumers. It focuses on the exceptions and limitations relating to academic libraries, particularly on the provisions facilitating individual study and research, education practices in group and class environments, library services for users, and collective interventions to manage the remuneration of rightsholders.

This webinar is the latest in the regular series hosted by the Association of Learning Technology (ALT) the ALT Copyright and Online Learning Special Interest Group (CoOL SIG) which supports the webinars and the community. The webinar is free to all. No registration is required to join the webinar which will be hosted in the following Blackboard Collaborate classroom and is listed on the ALT website.

Next month, we have Jessica Coates, one of the editors of the book confirmed to join us at the second webinar on Friday 2nd December at 11am. Further details will be released closer to the date.

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