Dr Dr, have you heard the one about….

Chris writes: So today’s post reports on Jane’s recent award of honorary doctorate for services to Higher Education from the Open University. This is a very special, but well-deserved award that encompasses not only her contributions to copyright literacy, but also her major achievements in the fields of information literacy and the education and library world more broadly.

I was very sad not to be able to attend the ceremony but I did get to have a sneak peek at Jane’s acceptance speech. She spoke to the assembled graduating students about the importance of access to educational opportunities and linked this to the mission of the OU and the relevance of information and digital literacies to broader social justice.

At the ceremony in Brighton on Friday 4 November, Selena Killick, Associate Director – Library Services at the Open University, explained in her introductory speech:

“Dr Jane Secker is a renowned expert on copyright education and information literacy whose work has been hugely influential in Higher Education and beyond.

“In today’s complex world, digital literacy and information literacy are just as important as conventional literacy. Jane’s tireless work to equip students and staff with the skills they need to become confident and effective lifelong learners, teachers and researchers has made a vital contribution to higher education in this country.” 

Jane’s honorary degree was presented to her by Professor Malcolm Sweeting, Pro-Chancellor of the Open University.

So huge congratulations are in order. The jury’s still out on whether we need to curtsey when meeting her but I’m sure all copyrightliteracy.org readers will join me in saying well done Doctor Doctor Jane.

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