UK Copyright Literacy Survey

Large copyright sign made of jigsaw puzzle pieces
Image by Horia Varlan licensed under Creative commons

Jane Secker (City, University of London) and Chris Morrison (University of Kent) carried out research into levels of copyright literacy amongst professionals in UK information, cultural and heritage institutions. This research is part of an international project originating in the National Library of Bulgaria, led by Dr Tania Todorova and analyses have already taken place in Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey (July – October 2013) and in France (January-March 2014). Further research is currently taking place in Finland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Romania and USA.

We invited all librarians, information professionals or those working in educational, cultural and scientific institutions within the UK to complete the survey which closed on 31 December 2014. Data analysis is underway and we hope to be able to share the findings with the community in summer 2015. Conference presentations have taken place at the following events:

The survey comprised 27 multiple choice questions. If you wish to preview the questions in this survey, then you can access the survey questions as  PDF.

June 2015 – High level results from the survey are now available in the Copyright Literacy UK High Level Summary Report – Morrison & Secker 2015 [PDF].

July 2015Slides available from Copyright Literacy Survey Review at Northumbria Conference on Performance Measurements in Libraries and Information Services. Edinburgh. 20-22nd July 2015.

The research outputs are intended to assist institutions and policy makers in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the comprehension of and engagement with copyright issues in the UK. This of particular importance during the current period of copyright reform.

If you have any questions about the research or the survey please contact

Many thanks for your time.

Jane and Chris