Webinars: copyright and online learning

These regular webinars hosted by the Association of Learning Technology (ALT) started on Friday 20th March in response to queries largely from those in higher education related to  copyright and online learning following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to online learning. These led to the creation of the ALT Copyright and Online Learning Special Interest Group (CoOL SIG) which supports the webinars and the community. The webinars have continued on a monthly basis and this page provides a schedule of upcoming events as well as an archive of previous webinars. 

The webinars are free to all and aimed at  those interested in talking about copyright challenges at the current time and how we can address them. We have published a page full of resources and the original blog post that led to us starting this series on Copyright, Fair Dealing and Online Teaching in a time of Crisis. We have also got a playlist of the webinars recordings on the ALT You Tube channel.

No registration is required to join these events which will be hosted in the following Blackboard Collaborate classroom and are listed on the ALT website.

Details of the webinars in reverse chronological order are listed below.  All webinars take place in the same Blackboard Collaborate classroom at 11-12pm GMT unless otherwise stated:

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar 53: 7 October 2022 Open textbooks discussion with Lorna Campbell, University of Edinburgh and Dhara Snowden, UCL. 

Webinar 54: 11th November 2022 – Topic TBC

Webinar 55: 2nd December 2022 – Topic TBC

Webinar 56: 16 December 2022: Christmas Special 

Previous Webinars

Webinar 52: 23 September 2022  – Highlights of Icepops 2020 – Christine Daoutis, Nicola Avery, Ollie Brindle and Rachel Scanlon. View Recording on You Tube | View Blackboard Collaborate recording | View Slides from Jane and Chris | View Christine and Nicola’s Slides | View Ollie’s slidesView Rachel’s slides.   

Webinar 51: 1 July 2022 – Becoming a copyright specialist – Chris Slater, Wendy Lynwood and Neil Sprunt. View Recording on YouTube | View Recording on Blackboard | View Slides from Chris Slater | View Slides from Wendy Lynwood | View Slides from Neil Sprunt | View Slides from Jane and Chris

Webinar 50: 10 June 2022 – The Intellectual Property Education Framework – Lisa Redman, UK Intellectual Property Office. View recording on Blackboard | View slides | View Recording on YouTube

Webinar 49: 6 May 2022 – Copyright and accessibility, Kate Vasili, Middlesex University. Slides from Jane and Chris | Slides from Kate | Recording of session on Blackboard | Recording on You Tube

Webinar 48: 11 March 2022 – IP education: ideas, identity and impact – Roxanne Peters and Eleanor Rockett, University of the Arts London. Slides from Jane and Chris | Slides from Roxanne and Eleanor | Recording of session on Blackboard | Recording on You Tube

Webinar 47: 18 February 2022 – Preview webinar on Fair Dealing week | Slides from Jane and Chris | Recording of session on Blackboard 

Webinar 46: 21 January 2022 – Confessions of a learning technologist with Evan Dickerson and Richard Beggs. View Jane and Chris’s slides | View Evan’s slides | View Richard’s Slides | View Recording on YouTube | View Recording on Blackboard |

Webinar 45: 17 December 2021 – Copyright Christmas Special

Webinar 44: 12th November 2021 – Becoming a copyright specialist. Presentations and discussions with institutional copyright specialists reflecting on their experiences and opportunities for supporting the community. View Recording | View Jane and Chris’s slides | View Slides from Hannah Pyman | View Slides from Kate Vasili | View Slides from Simon Cox

Webinar 43: 15th October 2021 – report on a survey on the Copyright and Online Learning webinars by Irene Barranco Garcia University of Greenwich/Drill Hall Library and a discussion on the future of the webinar series. View Jane and Chris’s slides | View Irene’s slides | View Recording

Webinar 42: 24th September, 11am ‘Film studies and audiovisual works’ with Jane Secker, Chris Morrison, Bart Meletti. Closed webinar. Details circulated on LIS-Copyseek.

Webinar 41: 14th September. 2-3.30pm. Joint webinar with NAG / ALT CoOL SIG: The strategic and practical implications of CDL for UK academic libraries. Dr Emily Hudson, David Prosser, RLUK, Kevin O’Donovan, LSE. This was a closed webinar for educational institutions. 

Webinar 40: Friday 27th August, 11am ‘Back to school’ with updates from James Bennett, CLA and Helena Djurkovic, ERA. View Recording | View Slides from Jane and Chris | View Slides from James Bennett | View Slides from Helena Djurkovic

Webinar 39: Wednesday 21st July: closed webinar on use of image online and infringement notifications – please note this is taking place from 2-3.30pm. 

25th July: I Can’t Believe It’s not Icepops! 

Webinar 38: 11th June: Will Cross, Peter Jaszi, Meredith Jacob, Prue Adler and Dr Carys Craig. Codes of Best Practices in Fair Use in OERs. View Recording | View Slides from Jane and Chris | View Slides from US & Canadian OER Team

Webinar 37: Friday 21st May: Teresa Mackinnon, Terese Bird, Ella Mitchell. An introduction to the ALT Open Education SIG and the relationship between open practice and copyright literacy. View Recording | View Slides from Jane and Chris | View Slides from Terese Bird

Webinar 36: Friday 7th May: Jessica Coates (Senior Rights Adviser for the National Library of Australia), Trish Hepworth (Director of Policy and Education, Australian Library and Information Association Ben Rice (Copyright Law and Policy Adviser for the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee). Copyright, libraries and education in Australia during the pandemic. View Recording | View Slides from Jane and Chris

Webinar 35: Friday 9th April: Claire Kidwell, IAML Report on Copyright and Music Scores. View Recording | View Slides from Jane and Chris | View Slides from Claire Kidwell

Webinar 34: Friday 26th March: CoOL SIG Launch. View Recording | View Slides from Jane and Chris | View Slides from CoOL SIG Launch

Webinar 33: Friday 12th March: Fabian Franke, Bamberg University, Germany. View Recording | View Slides from Fabian | View Slides from Jane and Chris

Webinar 32: Friday 26th February: Debbie McDonnell, British Council: Licensing and Exceptions outside the UK. View Recording | View Slides from Jane and Chris | View Debbie’s Slides

Webinar 31: Friday 12th February: Hannah Pyman, Clarissa St Yves, Kat Sundsbo, University of Essex. View Recording. View Slides by Jane and Chris. View Slides by Hannah and Clarissa

Webinar 30: Friday 29th January:  Copyright issues in Spain: Mª Asunción Esteve Pardo
Profesora Agregada,  Universitat de Barcelona. View Recording. View Slides from Jane and Chris. View Slides from Asun Esteve Pardo

Webinar 29: Friday 15th January: You can view the session recording. View/download ‘A Hundred Stories in 10 days: COVID-19 lessons for culture, copyright and learning’ slides and view/download slides from Jane and Chris.  

Webinar Archive 2020

Webinar 28: Friday 18th December: Copyright Literacy Christmas Special. Quiz, Musical special, Copyright Charades and more.  View Slides.

Webinar 27: Friday 11th December: Copyright and Open GLAM with Douglas McCarthy (Europeana) and Dr Andrea Wallace (University of Exeter). You can view a recording of this session and also download slides from Jane and Chris, as well as slides from Doug and Andrea

Webinar 26: Friday 27th November: Copyright and accessibility issues with Stephen Penton, John X Kelly and Caroline Lloyd. Recording of webinar | Slides presented by Jane and Chris. Additionally slides for other presentations used in this session are include: Stephen Penton – City, University of London ,  Caroline Lloyd – University of Nottingham and John X Kelly – Jisc

Webinar 25: Friday 13th November: Maurizio Borghi, Professor of Law and Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management: The EnDOW Project. A recording of this session is available to view. Slides are also available from Maurizio Borghi – Digitization, orphan works and the EnDOW Community project as well as from Jane Secker and Chris Morrison  

Webinar 24: Friday 23rd October: Closed webinar on audiovisual and copyright for LIS-Copyseek subscribers.

Webinar 23: Friday 9th October: For this session we were joined by Anthony Sinnott, Access & Procurement Manager at University of York, to discuss copyright, ebooks and much more. Here is a recording of the session (the recording can be downloaded by following the link provided and using the menu option on the left hand side), view slides from Jane and Chris and view slides from Anthony Sinnott.  

Webinar 22: Friday 25th September: Recording of the session | view slides from Jane and Chris|View slides from Jane Secker and Simon Sumner on the Online Teaching Policy at City and slides from Neil McCormick and Lorna Campbell on the University of Edinburgh Virtual Classroom Policy.   

Webinar 21: Friday 18th September: closed webinar about copyright and film education

Webinar 20: Friday 11th September:  Recording of the session |  view slides from Jane and Chris and view slides from Sam Tillett on the British Library On Demand September Service Update.

Webinar 19: Friday 21st August:  Recording of the session | Slides from JS and CM and view slides from James Bennett on Amendments to CLA HE Licence until July 2021

Webinar 18: Friday 14th August: closed webinar on film studies and copyright

Webinar 17: Friday 31st July: a closed webinar was held on film studies and copyright. See LIS-Copyseek for further details of this event.

Webinar 16: Friday 17th July: Launch of the University of Kent Copyright Literacy Strategy: Recording 1 | Recording 2 (final 5 mins) | Slides from JS / CM including Kent Copyright Literacy Strategy

Webinar 15: Friday 10th July: Recording | Slides from JS / CM and  view slides from Printed Music Licensing Ltd (PMLL) on the new HE printed music licence.  Webinar 11: Friday 5th June 2020: Recording | Slides from JS / CM | Slides from Emily Hudson and Paul Wragg

Webinar 14: Friday 26th June 2020: Recording | Slides from JS / CM | Slides with update from CLA 

Webinar 13: Friday 19th June 2020: Closed webinar

Webinar 12: Friday 12th June 2020: Copyright and accessibility with Alistair McNaught, Elizabeth Charles and Ben Watson. Recording | Slides from JS / CM | Slides from Alistair McNaught

Webinar 10: Friday 29th May 2020: Recording | Slides from JS / CM / Slides from Learning on Screen

Webinar 9: Friday 22nd May 2020: Recording | Slides from JS  / CM | Slides from Brigitte Vezina Brigitte Vezina (Creative Commons)

Webinar 8: Friday 15th May 2020: This webinar was a closed session for the LIS-Copyseek community

Webinar 7: Friday 1st May 2020: Recording |  view slides from Jane and Chrisview slides on Preempting Pandemic Pandemonium with Ruth Mallalieu and U.S. Copyright Implications in COVID-19 World with Kyle Courtney.

Webinar 6: Friday 24th April 2020: This webinar was a closed session for the LIS-Copyseek community

Webinar 5: Friday 17th April 2020: Recording | Slides

Webinar 4: Thursday 9th April 2020: Recording | Slides from JS/ CM | Slides from James Bennett, CLA

Webinar 3: Friday 3rd April 2020: Recording | Slides

Webinar 2: Friday 27th March 2020: Recording | Slides

Webinar 1: Friday 20th March 2020: Recording | Slides