Copyright Waffling with Cory Doctorow

The latest episode of Copyright Waffle with the legendary copyright / digital rights activist and sci-fi author, Cory Doctorow is out now!

In this episode we chat to Cory about how he got into copyright, the work he did for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Creative Commons and how his world view has developed over multiple years on the front lines of the copyright wars. He also tells us about his new book Chokepoint Capitalism with Professor Rebecca Giblin, which exposes the abusive power dynamics of the publishing and entertainment industries. He spoke to us about issues with academic publishing, as well as the open letter he wrote earlier this year to the CEO of Pixsy for their practice known as ‘copyright trolling.’

If you’ve ever heard Cory talk before you will know that he’s an incredibly engaging, entertaining and thought provoking speaker and this conversation is no exception. So good in fact that we were inspired to commission a musical tribute to our conversation by what appears to be the legendary German electronic group Kraftwerk. Check it out to see what you think, and listen to the podcast to see what Cory makes of it.

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