Navigating Copyright for Libraries

Jane Secker and Chris Morrison have contributed a chapter to a new open access book published on behalf of IFLA’s Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM) Advisory Committee. The book aims to to provide “basic and advanced information about copyright, outlines limitations and exceptions, discusses communicating with users and highlights emerging copyright issues. The chapters note the significance of the topic; describe salient points of the law and legal concepts; present selected comparisons of approaches around the world; highlight opportunities for reform and advocacy; and help libraries and librarians find their way through the copyright maze.”

Jane and Chris’s chapter “Copyright Education and Information Literacy,” explores the relationship between copyright education and broader digital and information literacy initiatives. It examines the origins and development of the term ‘copyright literacy’ and how this relates to copyright education. It also explores why librarians often find themselves as copyright educators and how they can look to develop more critical approaches to teaching in this area. One of the issues for many copyright educators, is the view that they need to police others’ behaviours, however the chapter is a chance to think about copyright literacy as a broader set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that govern how people interact with content that they either create or want to use.

The chapter is now available in City Research Online to download. However, the entire book is available as a hardback, the Open Access version can be downloaded via this link.

Upcoming webinars

As part of the ALT CoOL SIG Copyright and Online Learning webinars we are looking to host a number of authors from Navigating Copyright to join us for an informal chat about their chapters later this year. The first webinar will take place on Friday 18th November at 11am and we hope to be joined by a few authors who will discuss their chapters. We have Jessica Coates, one of the editors of the book confirmed to join us at the second webinar on Friday 2nd December at 11am. Further speakers will be announced in due course.

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