Webinar 3: recording and slides now available

Chris and Jane in lockdown sporting their 2016 world tour t-shirts

On Friday 3rd April we ran the third webinar in our series Copyright, Fair Dealing and Online Teaching at a Time of Crisis, hosted by ALT. We plan to continue these webinars as long as the community find them useful and it was great to see so many people join us once again.

We don’t have any news as yet about the ongoing discussions with CLA over amendments to their licence, but we are aware this is a really important issue and hope to be able to update you about this early next week. We discussed a host of other topical issues in this webinar including the growing lists of digital resources that have been made available for free to the HE community. We also discussed the National Emergency Library, which has been something several librarians in the UK have talked about using to provide access to hard to locate and out of print content. 

There were a couple of new resources we shared this week including the statement issued by the Authors Licensing Collecting Society (ALCS) on Sharing Books and Content Online

There is also some new guidance from copyrightuser.org which includes freely available resources, but also a wide variety of other resource related to copyright and COVID-19.

During the webinar we discussed a letter sent this week to the Secretaries of State the text of which is available on the LACA website calling on the government to address copyright issues impacting on education, libraries and research at the current time. We were pleased to be joined by Dr Emily Hudson from Kings College, London who took part in a discussion about copyright and the scope of the public interest defence.

Thanks also to our other guests who joined us this week: Helena Djurkovic, CEO of ERA, James Bennett, Head of Rights & Licensing at CLA, Sam Tillett from the British Library and Bart Meletti from Learning on Screen / CREATe. Bart briefly introduced the project that we are launching fairly soon to develop the first of what we hope might be a series of community based codes of fair practice for the use of copyright works. The project is going to focus on the use of audiovisual works in teaching, so is very relevant and topical at the moment.

There is a recording of the session (a recording can be downloaded by following the link provided and using the menu option on the left hand side) and you can also view slides from the session. We’re very grateful to ALT for hosting these sessions and our next webinar will be on Thursday 9th April from 11am-12pm to take into account the Easter break.

If you make it through to the end of the recording you get to hear some musical entertainment courtesy of the very talented Chris Morrison, who plays guitar and sings while I accompany him with some coconut shells! Never let it be said that we don’t aim to educate and entertain! 

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