Webinar 4 and 5 now available

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Last week was Easter break in the UK but we set up a new page listing all the webinars in our series Copyright, Fair Dealing and Online Teaching in a time of crisis. It meant we didn’t get around to writing a blog post about the recording and slides being available from webinar 4 which are also listed on the above page.

Last week saw some much welcomed news for the higher education community from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) about an increase in the extent limits from 10-30% (or three chapters) on an opt-in basis. James Bennett joined us on the webinar and shared hot off the press news. The requirement for an institution to own a copy of a title has also been relaxed for the duration of the crisis. There is an ever-growing list of publishers who have signed up to these amendments so for the latest information see the web page that CLA have set up with licence and publisher information and this blog post announcing the changes.

Today we delivered webinar 5 in the series and today we were joined by Anna Vernon and Caroline Mackay from Jisc Collections, and David Duffield from CLA. Again our slides and a recording are now available. Anna and Caroline were outlining the efforts that Jisc are making to negotiate and liaise with academic publishers and aggregators to get the best deals for content and software for the higher education community. They are interested in any gaps in provision and with this in mind have set up a form where institutions can report problems they are having. We became aware that academic librarians have been experiencing problems with high prices or unsuitable licensing models for e-books and this is a way of reporting these issues. David was able to update us on the growth in the number of publishers who are now part of the new arrangements.

Finally we shared some resources from the UK Intellectual Property Office on copyright and we asked the community if they wanted us to continue the webinars on a weekly basis. Responses suggested that there is clearly still a demand for them, so our next webinar will be Friday 24th April at 11am BST. We’re keen to hear from anyone who would like to speak during next week’s webinar to share their experiences of working on copyright, licensing and online learning issues during the crisis. Please do drop us a line. Further details and joining instructions for next week’s webinar are here. Stay safe and well everyone.

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