Webinar 2 recording now available, see you again on Friday

We ran our second webinar last Friday 27th March on Copyright and Online Learning in a time of crisis as the world is slowly adapting to a new normal of being locked down in our homes and unable to get access to content in university libraries. Once again over 100 people joined the session live, suggesting that people have a lot of questions on this topic.

Thanks again to Martin Hawksey from ALT who acted as our host for the session and has made a recording and slides available from the ALT website. We know people were hoping there might be some news about what can be copied under the CLA Licence, and we’re still waiting for further details of this at the present time.

We were also joined by colleagues from the British Library who informed us they have had to suspend the EHESS service as they cannot access the Boston Spa site currently. And Helena Djurkovic from ERA was on the call, asking universities if additional BBC content might be useful to support teaching if this could be added to the Box of Broadcasts collection. We were also pleased to be joined by Bart Meletti from copyrightuser.org and Learning on Screen, who told us about the online training courses he will be launching in a few weeks time based on the Game is On.

Just a quick reminder that there are plenty of resources online about copyright from the IPO including this overarching publications page as well as:

The next webinar will be on Friday 3rd April, so we do hope you can join us and the full details and link are here.

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