The Publishing Trap v2.0 is coming to Kent and City…….

Jane and Chris demo prototype of Publishing Trap v2.0 at Icepops 2019

Later this week at the University of Kent and next week at City, University of London we have two events in celebration of Open Access week where we are going to be play-testing version 2 of The Publishing Trap. Before we go to the trouble of getting the game professionally designed we want to make sure all the changes we’ve made actually work and make the game better!

Our game of scholarly communications and publishing choices has now been in development for more than six months. We gave delegates at Icepops 2019 a sneak preview of some of our ideas (see photo to the left). However those lucky people signed up to attend the Publishing Trap event on Wednesday 23rd October, hosted by Kent’s Office for Scholarly Communication or the Publishing Trap workshop on Friday 1st November at City, University of London as part of the “Good Practice in Research’ week will get to play the prototype game from start to finish.

We’ve been working hard, designing a new board and scoring mechanism. We’ve been updating the cards and impact assessments and fixing all the little niggles that have been bothering us for so long. We’re really excited about all the changes we’ve been making which hopefully should make it far easier for the person facilitating the game, as well as making it more straightforward for players to make choices and to understand the implications of those choices.

We’ll be sharing some of the aspects of the game on Twitter later this week and next week, but if you are based either in Canterbury or in London and would like to come along to either event, then both have a few limited spaces for people outside of our universities if you follow the links above. We’d love to see a few people there! In the meantime, we’ve still got plenty of work to do making some last minute parts for the game, but watch this space for updates very soon!

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