Moz Fest 2019: openness, games, copyright literacy and artificial intelligence

Jane and Chris at the Disruptive Media Lab, Coventry Univeristy. Photo by Daniel Villar-Onrubia

In just over a week we will be running a workshop at MozFest (the Mozilla Festival) which is taking place across London from the 21-27 October. We will be running a workshop on Saturday as part of the Openness strand. This year is the 10th Moz Fest and the first time that we’re taking copyright literacy and our games to the event. Last year I attended for a day and really enjoyed the event, so I am delighted to be presenting for the first time. The Openness theme states:

“Collaboration has helped us find cures for diseases, affect policy change, and keep the web in the hands of the people. As technology evolves, the openness that got us there is often forgotten.

These days society uses machines to decide what information to show people, who gets what loan, and even who gets sent to prison. Those decisions are made in locked boxes frequently without a way to question the outcomes. Who do we hold accountable for these choices?

Join us to discuss and celebrate projects and communities that keep efficiency, transparency, and equality at their core. For a healthy society, we need to empower everyone to get involved. Let’s make it happen!”

A central part of being open is related to understanding copyright and what we can share, so we’ve planned a workshop to give people a taste of Copyright the Card Game and the Publishing Trap. It’s partly based on the session we ran earlier this year at the Creative Commons Summit. We hope we might inspire people and we may also be giving people a bit of a sneak preview of The Publishing Trap v2.0.

The theme of the entire festival is ‘Healthy AI’ and there are 7 sub-themes to the conference all of which were identified as key issues in the Internet Health Report. AI is an issue we’ve not really explored in relation to copyright just yet so I am looking forward to thinking more deeply about the implications it might have.

I’ll also be running a workshop with my colleague Dom Pates, who is an Educational Technologist and attended MozFest with me last year. Inspired by the playful learning workshop that was run last year by Alex Moseley for the departmental away day and by Charlie Farley’s keynote and games jam at Icepops, Dom and I have decided to use the games jam / playful learning approach to get people creating games related to AI. We went to some fairly off the wall sessions last year, so we hope our approach (which is relatively tame in comparison) will go down well with the participants.

if you are coming along to MozFest next weekend do come along to one of these sessions. We hope to have a lot of fun and also to be inspired by the fantastic line up of events going on! The most difficult thing will be deciding which sessions to attend.

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