A new Copyright Waffle with Professor Sol Picciotto

Image TU Lankide on Flickr: Sol Picciotto, Soziologia Institutuko zuzendari zientifikoa. CC-BY-NC

Earlier this year we were honoured to be joined for a ‘Copyright Waffle’ with Professor Sol Picciotto who is an Emeritus Professor of Law at Lancaster University. Sol gave a fascinating keynote at the UUK Copyright Summer Event in September this year, providing an overview of educational copying in UK higher education, sharing some of his experiences dating back to when he started teaching in the 1960s in Africa for the University of London. Sol provides a more detailed account of his wealth of experience in higher education copyright negotiations in our (rather longer than usual) podcast.

He shares more about how educational copying worked before the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. He discusses the Whitford Review from the 1970s which led eventually to the formation of the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), and the passing of the 1988 Act. He also talks about his involvement in the UUK Copyright Working Group (the precursor to the Copyright Negotiation and Advisory Committee, which both Chris and I now sit on) and the story of how the group took the CLA to the Copyright Tribunal in 2000-2001 over the terms of the HE Licence. Educational licensing has come a long way since then and Sol shares his thoughts about this and many other regular topics that we discuss in Copyright Waffle. He tells us about his copyright heroes, his favourite nerdy fact about copyright and his favourite type of cake.

This waffle is long, so you may want to get yourself a whole pot of tea and an entire cake, but we promise it will be worth it, so settle down and enjoy Episode 11 of Copyright Waffle!

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