Icepops presentations and introducing the International Copyright Literacy Community of Practice

It’s now over two weeks since the Icepops conference and we have made all the photos and presentations available on the website. We’re really grateful to all our speakers at the conference, including our keynotes, Simon and Charlie. The lightning talks, world cafe presentations and pecha kulcha speakers all did a fantastic job so we would like to thank them for their energy and enthusiasm. We are particularly grateful to our sponsors on the day, CREATe, the CLA, ERA, Learning on Screen and Talis. Their support was really valuable and enabled us to keep the costs of the event low and to provide delegates with some wonderful refreshments. We thought the South Halls venue and the University of Edinburgh was a glorious location for the conference and the sun shone all day.

We were also delighted to be able to put together a musical evening for people, so thank you to the classical ensemble of Stephen, Ruth and Karen who performed during the evening. Thank you to Claire for her stand up comedy routine and to the house band, made up of Simon, Chris, Jeff and Debbie.  I’d like to thank my co-host for the evening Kyle who didn’t let me down in his sparkly jacket. And I must apologise to anyone who had to listen to me singing!

The day after the conference we held the inaugural meeting of the International Copyright Literacy Community of Practice and we had over 20 people attend representing the UK, USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and Hungary. We were also delighted that Stephen Wyber the IFLA Policy Manager and Lisa Hinchliffe the Chair of the IFLA Information Literacy Section were able to join us. One of the outcomes from the meeting was to create an online community to share good practice and resources and the group have decided to experiment using the platform Slack as a way of keeping in touch. The community is open to anyone with an interest in copyright literacy and copyright education. We have invited people who participated in the international copyright literacy survey and intend to invite collaborators from around the world, including people who have been adapting games like Copyright the Card Game and the Publishing Trap. If you are interested in joining the group then you can sign up to Slack here and read more about the first meeting in the notes we have posted on Slack. Have a great weekend everyone!


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