The International Copyright Literacy Community of Practice

On Thursday 27th June in Edinburgh, the day after Icepops, we are holding an open meeting to discuss the emerging international copyright literacy community. The meeting will be held at the University of Edinburgh (venue TBC) from 12-2pm. Lunch will be provided.

The IFLA Copyright Literacy and Copyright Education Statement issued last August is very much the catalyst behind wanting the establish this community. However, it also builds on the work started by the International Copyright Literacy survey group.

If you would like to attend this meeting, please register using the Icepops additional event form (please note you can disregard the fields that do not apply to you). If you are not a delegate at Icepops then please email if you wish to attend.

A draft agenda for the event has been put together to include:

  • Introductions from attendees
  • Discuss the nature of the international copyright literacy community – is more support required?
  • Would it be useful to have a formal group and if so what is its remit and scope?
  • What is the relationship of the community to existing groups? (e.g. IFLA, WIPO, IFFRO, European IP Teachers Network)
  • Consider the terms of reference of the group and membership criteria
  • Explore what support would be required and how the community might operate from a practical perspective (e.g. what platform would be used, if face to face or online meetings would take place).
  • Consider what can library associations do to make librarians into good copyright educators and raise awareness of copyright literacy in the profession?

We envisage this community to be a way of sharing good practice in copyright education and to provide support for those who deliver this type of teaching. We are approaching this from the perspective of libraries, educational and cultural institutions, but we would like to discuss the contribution that creative industries representatives could make to the concept of copyright literacy. We would hope there is scope to bridge the real or perceived gap between the library and creative industry views on copyright education.

We hope you might be willing to join us for Icepops and for our international event and booking is still open until Friday 14th June. So hurry and book your place today!


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