Copyright the Card Game v3.0 soft launch at CC Summit 2019

Copyright the card game version 3.0Last week we were lucky enough to attend the Creative Commons Summit in Lisbon and ran a great session with Stephen Wyber and Ariadna Matas from IFLA on copyright literacy and libraries. We brought along v3.0 of copyright the card game which we’ve added to the website in order to share it with the rest of the community and get the collective proof-reading hive mind to spot any mistakes. You can find out more about our session and see our slides here.

Version 3.0 has been a long time in the making and includes some new cards such as ones covering music licences, Crown copyright and the incidental inclusion and public administration exceptions. When we get a spare moment we will be updating the whole card game web page to include new slides with updated scenarios and a full developers kit including the all new icons which we will be releasing under a CC0 licence. We’ll also fix any typos (like the one I just noticed on the Creative Commons card – doh!).

The International Copyright Card Game & Copyright Literacy team

We were very pleased to be joined by Lisa Di Valentino and Obianuju Mollel from the Canadian card game team, as well as Nerida Quatermass who worked on the Australian version which was launched earlier this year at the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee meeting. We would also like to give special thanks to Steve Roberts who created the new icons for the game and who turned our slightly rough and ready design work into the beautiful v3.0 deck.

Chris’s beginner’s luck – Chris Morrison CC-BY-SA

We also saw some other excellent games at the CCSummit and met lots of really great people. Of particular note were the beautiful CC Poker cards created by Cam Findlay for Tohatoha (@TohatohaNZ – formerly Creative Commons New Zealand) . These teach people about the different components of the Creative Commons licences by combining an analysis of a licensing scenario with a Texas hold’em poker game which they’ve renamed “release’em poker”. I was ok on the CC stuff but a bit shaky on the poker rules, especially as I missed the explanatory bit of the session at the beginning. However, it turned out I got a bit of beginner’s luck which meant I won both rounds our team played. I was very pleased to get a deck of the cards to take home with me and we hope to feature a post on this excellent resource soon.

Overall we found the CC Summit to be an amazing experience and a fantastic opportunity to share our resources and to encourage others to use, adapt and translate them to develop greater levels of copyright literacy. We also felt honoured to continue our work with IFLA in support of their Copyright Literacy and Copyright Education statement launch last August. There will be much to write and talk (waffle even) about in due course.

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