Introducing Copyright Waffle: our new podcast series

We are really excited to announce the launch of a new venture for UK Copyright Literacy, our first podcast, which is called ‘Copyright Waffle’. You can listen to the first episode on Soundcloud now. If you like copyright, and waffle – either of the edible or chat kind, then this is the series for you!

In the first episode we discuss why we decided to launch the podcast, some of the ideas we have about how to develop the series. We also discuss how we both got interested in copyright, Jane’s recent visit to Uruguay, we share some rather nice Uruguayan cake made with dulce de leche (here’s the recipe), and we discuss our upcoming visit to Poland next month, for the CopyCamp conference.

We are looking for guests to interview for the series, so do get in touch with us if you want to take part in an episode. We’d also like to thank a few people, including Steve Roberts, the graphic designer who made our Copyright Waffle logo, Jo Wood, of Librarians with Lives fame, who inspired us with her podcast series (and interviewed Jane earlier in the year) and everyone who’s ever listened to us waffling about copyright and been vaguely entertained or amused by us. We’ve had this idea in the pipeline for a little while now so we’re delighted to have finally found time to record the first episode and launch it today. Please let us know what you think and do get in touch if you fancy having a waffle with us (or some cake and copyright chat!)

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