Report on the Welsh Copyright Roadshow

Marie Lancaster, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Scott Pryor, Cardiff University

Marie Lancaster (@GingergalWales) is the Acquisitions Librarian, Cardiff Metropolitan University  and Scott Pryor (@Scott_Pryor) is the Learning Resources Officer, Cardiff University. We were very excited to hear that Marie and Scott were going to be using Copyright the Card Game as part of their Welsh Copyright Roadshow and even more happy when Marie agreed to write us a blog post about it.

As co-Chairs of the WHELF Copyright Group, Scott and I decided to do a Copyright Road Show, starting in South West Wales, and planning to visit more sites in Wales later in the year. Our intention was to run the card game in the morning, break for lunch, and then deliver a few presentations around copyright in the afternoon, with an open forum to finish.

To prepare, Scott and I went through the game, decided on who was doing what, and then waited for the bookings to flood in…. which they did!

April 18th dawned and it was a beautiful day to be heading to the Swansea coast.

Attendees arrived and were keen to start, so off we went on the Copyright Card Game. The interactivity of the game allowed the teams to understand copyright in a meaningful way, rather than trying to read the Copyright Designs and Patent Act 1988 [Ed – we’re aware the 30th anniversary of the CDPA is coming up so watch this space for more details]. The lightbulb moment for me was when there was a dead heat in the final round – between the ‘Useful Idiots’ and the ‘Copyright Virgins’ – which  demonstrates that even those who think they know nothing, know something!

WHELF Copyright Road Show by Marie Lancaster

Tips for someone running the game – don’t be too click happy! I mistakenly revealed the answer to one of the questions before the teams had time to deliberate – which meant that they all scored maximum points! This happened a few times throughout the game, which mystified me as I never pressed anything and it still moved the powerpoint on! Which was when we discovered that the whiteboard we were projecting onto was interactive and as Scott was quite animated, we think he may have inadvertently triggered the slides off! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

In the afternoon Scott gave a presentation on scanning, using basic hardware and some useful software to help make better quality scans – such as ScanTailor and a standard Multifunction Device.

For my presentation I talked through how we use the Digital Content Store at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and how it had changed our process, making the workflow much more streamlined.

We ended the day with a roundtable discussion so that attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and get advice and support with any queries that they had. We also plugged our Yammer Group – which is an all-Wales group where we can discuss and pose questions, with the aim of strengthening the communication between copyright users in Welsh universities.


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