Copyright webinars – what are your views?

The opening PowerPoint slide from the first Copyright and Onlne Teaching In A Time of Crisis webinar.

Back in 2020, ALT CoOL SIG and Copyright Literacy ran a Copyright And Online Teaching In A Time Of Crisis webinar on 20th March, not even a week into the first lockdown. This started a series of events, which continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic – throughout the toilet paper shortages, the cries of “you’re on mute”, the opening-ups, the subsequent locking-downs, the introduction of hybrid teaching and the return to in-person teaching – and are still taking place on a monthly basis, over three years later!  

To help us evaluate the ALT Copyright and Online Learning Webinars, we have launched a survey. We’d love to find out your thoughts, ideas and experiences with the webinars, hear about any impact the webinars have had, and see if there’s anything we can do differently in the future.

You may remember hearing about or even completing a similar survey in 2020. So why are we doing another one? We’d like to get a sense of how things might have changed over the lifespan of the webinars, and see if we can measure the impact more thoroughly.

You can find out more, and fill in the survey here. The survey will close on 12th May 2023, which we hope gives you plenty of time to get through it!

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