Copyright Waffling with Emily Drabinski: rocking the ALA Presidency!

Today we are delighted to release Episode 23 of Copyright Waffle with Emily Drabinski, recorded in June 2022 a few months after LILAC 2022 where she gave a keynote on Structure and Power: Information Literacy for Liberation. I asked her a question about using critical pedagogy as an approach to teaching people about copyright and open access and so begins our story…..

Emily is Critical Pedagogy Librarian at City University of New York. However, she is also the President Elect of the American Library Association (ALA) taking over office in June of 2023.

We talked to Emily about critical librarianship and its relationship with copyright literacy. We hear about Emily’s journey to library leadership, how she first encountered copyright questions, her plans for engaging with the library community and some weird facts about books.

We are also delighted to release the song and music video she commissioned to soundtrack her forthcoming presidency. Think big guitars, stadium anthems – it rocks! So settle down with a nice cup of tea (or beverage of your choice), a slice of cake and tune into this fabulous episode!

And if you are attending the LILAC conference this week in Cambridge, do come along to our session on Thursday afternoon entitled Podcasting and Information Literacy: teaching and learning through conversation where we are joined by Mark Childs from the Pedagodzilla podcast and hosted by the new ILG podcast team who run Chatting InfoLit.

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