Open Science and AI – A UK policy discussion

With the emergence of ChatGPT and Bard, AI is currently dominating technology news. But how does copyright legislation affect the ability to train and develop AI? Knowledge Rights 21, in association with CILIP (the libraries and information association) and Research Libraries UK, are running a one-day conference looking at this topic, as well as considering the complex issues currently being faced by our public institutions when licensing eBooks and author rights retention and secondary publishing rights with regards to open science.

The event takes place on Tuesday 25th April 2023 9.30-17.00 in London. The day will comprise of three panel discussions with experts in the field:

  • Open Science: Author Rights Retention and Secondary Publishing Rights
  • Towards A New Right to Access Digital Content for Education and Research: eBooks as a case study
  • AI and Open Norms: Where we are in the UK and where are we going?

The event is free and refreshments will be provided. Full details and a link to sign up are available on KR21’s site.


  1. Hello, I think this is taking place on the 25th? Leslie

    Leslie Lansman Global Permissions Manager ****if you are attending London Book Fair and would like to arrange a meeting, please let me know****

    SpringerNature The Campus, 4 Crinan Street, London N1 9XW, United Kingdom T +44 (0) 207 8432795 M + 44 (0)758 4267625 E http://www.nature.com http://www.springernature.com


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