Building Capacity in Copyright: Gathering existing resources

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Jane writes: this post is based on a recent post from Camille Francoise at IFLA, with some additions and amendments, and is reproduced with permission.

Building on an earlier survey, and in line with its mission to support its Members, IFLA (the International Federation of Library Associations) continues to engage in the subject of copyright literacy and is putting together a collection of educational resources on this topic. They would welcome submissions and suggestions from librarians and educators around the world. In the UK, we have offered to try and coordinate efforts to collect these resources, so please read on about how to submit any of your resources to the list.

UK Education Resources

Chris and I have agreed to try and collect together a list of UK resources to submit to IFLA, to save time and avoid duplication of effort. If you know of any copyright resources you think should be included then, please do add them to our Google Doc. We have shared this document so you are able to see the existing entries before adding your own. But if you have any questions about the scope of this resource gathering exercise then drop us a line at

Copyright, a legal area that remains crucial in libraries.

Whether this is about supporting online learning, reproductions of collections in heritage libraries, scholarly communication in university libraries, controlled digital lending, or eBook licenses, many major issues in the field of libraries are linked to copyright. IFLA remain committed to supporting libraries in building copyright capacities on a regional, national and international scale, and to ensure that libraries are well-represented in these discussions.

The topic of copyright generally requires a national approach, given that the legal framework for copyright is primarily defined by national regulations. However, it is possible to look to the international level for materials to help understand copyright trends. Furthermore, IFLA and others’ work to advance exceptions and limitations to copyright internationally aims to provide leverage in discussions, but in turn, relies on the implication of libraries nationally.

The development of educational resources: key learning materials

Expertise and knowledge around copyright remains a relatively niche subject area with many libraries, employing copyright specialists. However given its complexity, copyright remains a popular subject for one day training courses and events run for librarians. Therefore, partly this work hopes to share good practice in copyright education and to build an active international network.

IFLA is currently looking at how best to support the development of educational resources on copyright in the field of libraries, and to facilitate training and strengthen the advocacy capacities of libraries. Therefore as a first step it seems useful to identify what already exists.

Gathering educational resources on copyright

IFLA, are therefore looking to identify existing educational resources on copyright, such as:

– Manuals and textbooks
– Documents and resources
– Courses
– Games
– Practical tools
– Videos and podcasts

International Copyright Resources

If you are based outside and UK and know of any copyright education resources in your country and would like to share them, contact camille.francoise[at]

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