Copyright the Card Game – CILIP Training

Copyright the card game version 3.0
Play testing Copyright the Card Game Online

On Monday 16th November we’ll be running a half day online workshop for CILIP using the newly developed version of Copyright the Card Game, which is played in teams on Zoom. Further details and the booking form are on the CILIP events page. The session is particularly suitable for librarians and information professionals in education who want to get up to speed with copyright issues, but we welcome educators, teachers, learning technologists and others to sign up. The game has proved a fun, but informative way of learning about copyright, and provides you with a framework for dealing with enquiries in the future.

We’ve developed the online card game to recreate the fun and discussions from our face to face workshops, with some added features including using forms and polls for answering questions and the rounds of the game. You can read up more about the play test we did last week.

We plan is to make the online resources available to share (the original game is licensed under Creative Commons) and so if you are looking to run online copyright training yourself, then we’ll be making our materials available from this website. In the meantime, don’t forget you can get up to speed with copyright issues affecting universities during the pandemic at our regular webinars on a Friday morning from 11-12pm.

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