Copyright the Card Game Online

Play testing Copyright the Card Game Online
Play testing Copyright the Card Game Online

Last Friday we were delighted to be joined by 12 copyright games enthusiasts who agreed to help us test out an online version of Copyright the Card Game. Some of you may remember that a few years ago Greg Walters from the University of Glasgow created an online version of the card game. However, his game is essentially a self-assessment, where you work through the scenarios and choose answers and find out if you get it right or wrong. It is not designed to be played as a team game in a virtual classroom. As we really wanted to try to create something that had the team interaction and discussions of the face to face workshops we run, we have been experimenting with creating online decks of cards and forms for teams to complete their answers during each round. On Friday we had our first run through using Zoom break out rooms, with three teams of copyright experts pitting their skills against each other.

The testing went well and we have a few more weeks to fine tune things, but we will be running some training on 9th November for the Scottish Academic Libraries Cooperative Training Group (SALTCG) and also later on in November for CILIP (more details coming soon). If you would like to attend the SALTCG training, there is further information in their blog post which is primarily aimed at those in Scottish academic libraries.

We’ve developed the online card game in such a way that hopefully we have recreated as much of the fun and banter from our face to face workshops, with some added features now we are playing online (Zoom polls!). We’ll also have to think about a suitable prize for the winning team. Our plan is to make the resources available to share (the original game is licensed under Creative Commons) and so if you are looking to run online copyright training yourself, then we’ll be making our materials available from this website. In the meantime, if you’re looking to find out more about copyright don’t forget you can also tune in to our regular webinars on a Friday morning from 11-12pm.

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