Copyright in a time of crisis webinar recording

These are unprecedented and difficult times for us all and after writing our blog post last week on Copyright, Fair Dealing and Online Learning, we offered to run a webinar on Friday. ALT kindly agreed to host the session and over 100 people joined us live. To try and cheer everyone up we ran a twitter poll the evening before asking people to vote on which outfit we should wear for the webinar (see photo montage to left). The choices were: evening wear, gym bunnies, beach bums or copyright nerds. You can guess which one won, given our audience, yes the copyright nerds.

There is a recording available of the webinar and we’ve shared our slides. We’re also grateful to Kate Vasili who wrote up some notes from the webinar which I used to write this post.

We based the webinar on the blog post, suggesting people look at the licences they have available, to look at copyright exceptions and to consider risk. We had a lot of questions from people and it’s clear that many librarians are being asked to find additional online content to support teaching, some of which can’t be purchased in electronic format. So questions such as whether the CLA Licence limits could be increased were foremost on people’s minds. As we said on the webinar, the UUK/GuildHE CNAC are in discussion with CLA and have asked specifically whether the licence limits can be increased, perhaps even to allow whole books to be scanned and if additional sharing can be facilitated by the Digital Content Store. Once we have more information we will let people know. We are also approaching Talis to discuss the sharing function in Talis Aspire Digitised Content.

There were also concerns about whether the British Library could continue to run the EHESS service to support universities. Colleagues from the BL were on the call and confirmed for the time being they could, although the service was second priority to requests from the NHS. Given how many university libraries are now closing, clearly sourcing content is a concern, but we emphasised that lecturers own copies CAN be used under the licence anyway.

In other good news Learning on Screen have announced that Box of Broadcasts can now be used throughout the EU rather than just in the UK. Students who have gone home to Europe can therefore now get access to this TV and radio collection. Messages went out to the BoB coordinators on Friday.

So in summary: remember to use the existing licensed digital resources where you can (see this list of temporarily widened access to resources), don’t be afraid to use copyright exceptions where applicable and if you are making risk-based decisions to address new challenges then document your processes and decision making. These are unprecedented times and thinking about risk and fairness is perhaps more important now than it’s ever been. Having said that, we’re all aware that copyright is not at the forefront of the minds of many of our lecturers and students at the moment so we need to balance caution with pragmatism. We wish anyone responsible for copyright in their own setting luck in navigating these challenges and look forward to being part of the community discussions as they progress.

We plan to run weekly webinars for the next few weeks on a Friday at 11am thanks to ALT who will be hosting us on Blackboard Collaborate again, so please feel free to tune in this coming Friday. Registration is not required and once again we’ll record the session.


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