Copyright Waffle 13 – Mark Walford of Sage Publishing

Mark Walford VP Rights & Business Development, Sage Publishing

It really is a very strange time right now, but for those of you who love copyright and would like a distraction from the stress and uncertainty we have a new episode of copyright waffle to share with you. This episode features an interview with Mark Walford, Vice President Rights & Business Development at Sage Publishing.

In it Mark talks about his copyright history, mentions a few copyright heroes and talks about all the topical news surrounding copyright. Except we recorded this in January so we had no idea of what was going to happen in the world and there may be things we talk about here which seem like they’re from another world. But in the relatively glacial terms of copyright law it’s probably still fairly topical.

A Periodic Table of the Biscuits ©Mark Walford 2017

And of course we talk about cake which in Mark’s case relates back to his Austrian heritage. And biscuits. Mark shared with us his periodic table of biscuits at the end which we became slightly fascinated by. Probably worth looking at the photo of the table while listening to that last bit.

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