Icepops Bookings Now Open!

It is a momentous date in our nation’s history. One that will reverberate for many years to come and have a profound effect on not just the UK and Europe, but the rest of the world for years to come. That’s right Icepops bookings are now open for its third edition taking place on Tuesday 7th July at the Park Inn Hotel, Cardiff. We are really looking forward to this year’s event which is being supported by the Welsh Higher Education Libraries Forum (WHELF) and features a morning keynote from Dr Emily Hudson from Kings College London and a joint afternoon keynote from Dr Andrea Wallace from the University of Exeter and Douglas McCarthy from the Europeana Foundation. This year’s theme focuses on cultural heritage and copyright literacy, whilst also incorporating open GLAM (Galleries, Library, Archives and Museums), the relationship between copyright literacy, information literacy and scholarly communication and building copyright communities. As with previous years we will have a world cafe section, a series of lightning talks and other sessions to be announced. We also have a pre-conference meet up at Pitch on Monday 6th July, an evening social on Tuesday 7th and a meeting of the international copyright literacy community of practice on Wednesday 8th July as well as local tours. We’d also like to remind you that the call for contributions is still open until 24th February so there’s still time to get your proposals in! Those of you looking for a taster of what’s to come might want to check out the Copyright Waffle Podcast we recorded with Andrea and Doug at the Creative Commons Global Summit in Lisbon last year. On that note registration for the Creative Commons Summit 2020 is also open and we would definitely recommend going if you’re into open practice and are able to get there. We look forward to seeing you in Cardiff in July, if not before.

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