New Copyright Waffle with Andrea and Doug the Open Glam duo!

Andrea Doug and Chris

A few weeks ago we wondered if we had met our match when we ran into Andrea Wallace and Doug McCarthy at the Creative Commons Summit in Lisbon. The duo have been working together for a few years in the field of Open GLAM and have produced some great research, they also present together really well and are a brilliant pair of copyright geeks. They are both active on twitter (Andrea is @AndeeWallace and Doug is @CultureDoug) and despite the fact we had only met Andrea once before, we fairly quickly felt like we were all old friends! [pedantic editorial addition – Chris also met up with Andrea when she came to deliver an excellent seminar for the Kent Law School LLM on Intellectual Property law] Chris and I were delighted when they agreed to take part in (a first for us), a four way Copyright Waffle. We were all in Lisbon, so treated them to some traditional Portuguese sweet treats including pastel de natas, which Chris rather proudly served to them in his UK Periodic Table of Copyright Exceptions apron.

Andrea is a lecturer in law at the University of Exeter. She was awarded her PhD last November from the University of Glasgow, studying at CREATe under the supervision of Professor Martin Kretschmer and Kris Erickson. She also ran the fabulous ‘Display at your own risk’ event at CREATe in 2016 with Professor Ronan Deazley, where she wore a handmade dress made from fabric printed with openly licensed images. I was incredibly envious of the dress and also inspired by the idea – watch this space for more details of copyright themes garments!
Group photo prior to the face swap (derived image restricted due to its disturbing nature)

Doug meanwhile is a Collections Manager for the Europeana Foundation and started his career in image licensing. Europeana is an amazing resource giving access to over 50 million digitised items of cultural heritage coming from Europe’s finest museums, galleries, archives and libraries, much of which is openly licensed. Doug has also started writing on Medium recently and has three posts I would highly recommend about his work including this most recent one.

Andrea and Doug were presenting at the CC Summit about their Open GLAM survey, where they have collected information globally about  instances of open access in the global cultural heritage sector. These instances are often singular occurrences and should not be equated them with blanket open access policies. However there are now over 600 institutions on their giant spreadsheet. While Chris got excited and geeky about data, I was delighted to discover Andrea is also a bit of a tech wizard. She introduced me to an amazing ‘face swap’ app which led to much hilarity after we finished recording the podcast and at the opening party of the Creative Commons Summit.

If you had any doubts that copyright was not fun, then I urge you to listen to this latest podcast. And the four of us are open to offers from the media to host a light entertainment radio or TV programmes in the future.


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