Wishing you a Merry/Playful/Copyright Literate Christmas/Festive Break [delete as applicable]

Jane and Chris with a baby Husky at Hever Castle

It’s almost the end of the year and we are all winding down for a few days off from copyright antics over Christmas and New Year. We’d like to wish you all the best for the festive season wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. The past year has seen quite a lot happening in the world of copyright and beyond and we will be doing a round up blog post before the year is out.

In addition to planning festive celebrations, we are also thinking about the year ahead and we feel very honoured to have been formally announced as the joint keynote speakers at the Playful Learning Conference 2020 in July 2020. It’s going to be quite a busy time because we’re hosting the third Icepops in Cardiff in the same week, but we’re very excited about being asked and getting the chance to show the delegates that learning about copyright needn’t be boring.

However, for now we wanted to thank all the followers to the blog and all the guest authors who have contributed throughout 2019. Perhaps you might use the Christmas period to think about submitting a blog post next year, or a contribution to Icepops 2020.

Whatever you’re up to have a great time, be kind to yourselves and if you get the chance why not hug a husky [this won’t make sense if you haven’t downloaded the photo]?

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