Copyright Literacy at CopyCamp

Photo by AC Almelor on Unsplash

In a little under 2 weeks we’ll be packing up our cases and heading to Warsaw, Poland to an exciting event called CopyCamp. We were invited to present a workshop to showcase Copyright the Card Game and the Publishing Trap and we also have a short plenary slot to talk about our work. The event is held at the Polish Film Archives and this is the seventh year it has run. According to their website it is “the place for an interesting, insightful and engaging discussions about copyrights.” So of course we want to be there! You can take a look at the programme online, but there are going to be some great discussion tracks on topics including:

  • History of Copyright
  • EU Copyright reform
  • Author social security
  • Blockchain perspectives
  • Re-use of heritage archives

We’ll share some insights after the conference (and possibly even a podcast or two), but what attracted us is that CopyCamp 2018 is organised in partnership with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, Society of Authors ZAiKS, Polish National Film Archive–Audiovisual Institute, and Google Poland. So it’s really cross-sectoral and it aims to be a neutral and friendly space, where participants can share thoughts and exchange ideas. It seems Poland is the place to go for interesting copyright events, after our visit to Wroclaw last year for the IFLA off-site meeting on Copyright Education, so we’re looking forward to reporting back after the latest installment of the UK Copyright Literacy world tour 2018.

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