IFLA Copyright Education event

Wroclaw: the waterfront by smif on Flickr CC-NC-ND https://flic.kr/p/6mnHkg

The UK Copyright Literacy team are taking a short break next week for respective summer hols, but we have been really busy preparing for one of the highlights of our 2017 tour which is later this month in Wroclaw, Poland. As part of the IFLA World Congress the Copyright and other Legal Matters Committee and the Information Literacy Section Committee are organising a one day event on Models for Copyright Education in Information Literacy Programs on 23rd August at the University of Lower Silesia.

We first heard about this event nearly a year ago at ECIL 2016 in Prague and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to present some of the collective findings from the international copyright literacy survey. A group of us submitted a proposal for a panel discussion when the call for papers was issued in the spring and we were delighted to be invited to give the opening keynote.
Chris and I are being joined by colleagues from Sweden, Norway, Turkey and Romania at the event. The founder of the copyright literacy survey, Tania Todorova sadly can’t be with us but she’s prepared some remarks. The jointly authored paper on our comparative study of copyright literacy of library and information professionals in 14 countries should also be published in the journal Library Management by the time of the conference.
We will also get to spend the day beforehand at IFLA and hope to see something of Wroclaw. We are putting the finishing touches to our presentation this week before some much needed rest. We will be sharing our slides and reflections on the day on the blog in due course, but we are both really looking forward to meeting some old and new friends in Poland. The full programme for the day is available online and it’s an exciting day reflecting the growing interest in copyright education around the world. We think it is helpful to see copyright education as part of information literacy, and this was the topic of one of the first pieces of joint writing we did back in August 2015 for a CILIP blog post. It’s going to be really exciting to discuss this with librarians and researchers from around the world in a few weeks’ time.


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