Let the 2018 tour commence……

This year we were supposed to be having some time off touring around, with Chris frantically working on his dissertation on ‘Illustration for Instruction‘ and me just emerging from an intensive term of study at Harvard Law School on the CopyrightX programme. However, we were reviewing our calendars earlier this week and realised we are just going into a super busy time, which pretty much looks like a Copyright Literacy world tour for 2018! It starts next week when we head down to the DARTS conference, organised by the CILIP Academic and Research Libraries Group (ARLG). I attended this conference about 5 or 6 years ago and I still recall what a great conference it was, but also what a gorgeous place Dartington Hall is! It’s just outside Totnes. It’s a 14th Century Manor House with some really beautiful gardens, do have a look at the website – I’ve been planning a tour of the grounds and hopefully a walk down to the river [Ed: ok enough now, we’re supposed to be talking about copyright – leave this for the Trip Advisor review]

Anyway, we were really pleased to be invited to speak at DARTS about the Publishing Trap and we’re going to be doing a show and tell session about the game as well. We ran a similar session at LILAC in April and managed to showcase the game to around 40 people and hopefully give them a really good flavour of what it’s like. We are going to say more about the feedback we’ve received to date on the game, and our plans to develop it. Then the following week I’ll be heading off to Strasbourg, for the EBLIDA conference, where I’ll be show casing Copyright the Card Game to a group of European librarians. We’ve had a lot of interest in translating and adapting Copyright the Card Game, but it’s not straight forward as the US and Canadian librarians have found out, because the game was designed around UK law.

Two weeks after that the tour continues when first up we head to Oxford to run two sessions on the Publishing Trap as part of their Open Access week. And later that same week I head to Berlin for the German Library conference [Ed – yet more glamorous travel, it’s alright for some]. This time I’m talking more generally about the copyright literacy research we’ve been doing for the past few years and showing off the Publishing Trap, which very excitingly has been translated into German and is being ‘launched’ at the conference.

And the fun doesn’t end there as we’ve just been confirmed as on the bill at the Edinburgh Repo Fringe conference in early July, again show casing the Publishing Trap. So we’re digging out our suitcases, polishing our copyright variety act routine and ensuring we have freshly laundered Copyright Literacy t-shirts, as we head into an excitement season of touring!

And talking of t-shirts, if you are interested in getting hold of the latest ones we were wearing at Icepops, featuring the Periodic Table of UK Copyright Exceptions, then do get in touch as we’re putting in a bulk order and going to distribute them to people at the UUK Copyright Summer Event. In the meantime, enjoy the late spring / early summer and hopefully we’ll see some of you on our travels in the next few months!

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