Meet the Icepops keynotes

With less than a month to go until Icepops, we caught up with our keynotes and asked them to tell us a bit about why they got involved in our conference and some indication of what they might be planning for delegates attending our one day conference. Here’s what our keynotes said….. 

Ronan Deazley, Professor of Law, Queen’s University Belfast

Learning about copyright presents many challenges. Copyright can be complicated and confusing. It is often hard to understand. Negotiating copyright involves managing uncertainty and risk. When we want black and white answers, copyright invariably offers shades of grey. But is that a bad thing? Grey can be intriguing, exciting and alluring. It can be beautiful, brilliant and provocative. It can be enigmatic, thrilling and driven. In short, grey can be fun. So too can copyright.

Alex Moseley, Head of Curriculum Enhancement, Leicester University

I’m Alex, and I’m interested in play. Not child’s play, but adult play. And not that kind of adult play either. Play is interesting, because it can transform the most mundane and plain spaces, concepts and objects into something tangible and exciting.

As Head of Curriculum Enhancement at my institution, my job is to excite people about their programmes. And not just the parts they know and like, but the unknown parts they fear or forget. There are many of these ‘unknown’ parts – an important one being the area of copyright and IP: always forgotten in the shadow of an exciting discipline development, or during the rush to finalise a programme for delivery. Just ripe, therefore, for a bit of playfulness: to draw out the ‘mundane’ and turn it into the extraordinary.

I’m looking forward to turning a playful eye to copyright within my keynote; and more excitingly in the game jam I’ll be facilitating with Hayleigh Bosher, where we’ll be helping you to place a playful lens over your own practice. Our esteemed hosts Jane and Chris have already shown it can be done, with the excellent Publishing Trap game that I’ve had great fun playtesting over the last few years. What might be possible when a whole room of experts roll up their sleeves?…

You can find out more about the Icepops keynotes on the website and there is just about enough time to book your place at the conference if you are quick! 

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