Report on the Copyright and Libraries Roundtable Discussion in Sofia, Bulgaria

Photo by Kameliya Planska-Simeonova, ULSIT, Sofia

We are grateful to Tania Todorova, the founder of the International Copyright Literacy Survey, for providing a short report on the Copyright and Libraries Roundtable Discussion which was held on 26 February 2018 in House of Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sadly we were not able to join her for the event but we sent a video message and were delighted to learn that the event was successful and led to the presentation of the Sofia Declaration: Europe needs its Libraries: Heritage and knowledge for a stronger EU. The following day Tania successfully defended her doctoral thesis, and was awarded a PhD for her research into copyright literacy.

Monday’s event was a part of the programme on the 1st EBLIDA Executive Committee of the year held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgaria currently runs the EU Presidency of the European Council. The Roundtable was organised with the support of Bulgarian Library and Information Association (BLIA), the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies and Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation.

The day started with a video message by Commissioner Maria Gabriel. The first part of the day started with “Libraries and the copyright debate: from local to global” and included presentations from:

  • Tereza Trencheva (ULSIT) Bulgarian Copyright and Related Rights Law: A short overview for libraries;
  • Vincent Bonnet (EBLIDA) European Copyright Reforms – Seven Ways to Promote Innovation, Creativity and Heritage;
  • Stephen Wyber ( IFLA) Libraries Promote Culture, Social Cohesion, Digital Empowerment;
  • The view from the office of Commissioner Maria Gabriel, given in a presentation by Mr. Manuel Mateo Goyеt and the view of an MEP Mr. Emil Radev on the Digital Single Market (DSM) Directive.

The second part of the event was entitled “Library professionals and Copyright literacy, best practices in Bulgaria and Europe” and included the presentations from:

  • Tania Todorova (ULSIT) A Multinational study on copyright literacy of specialists from libraries and other cultural institutions;
  • Chris Morrison and Jane Secker (United Kingdom). Copyright Literacy in the UK and International Collaboration: Video Message;
  • Marina Encheva (ULSIT). Information literacy of humanities students in Europe: a game-based learning approach for avoiding fake content (NAVIGATE project).

More information from the day is available on the BLIA website. 

We were delighted to be part of the day and you can view the video message we made for the event. We were pleased to be able to participate in this event remotely and support the work of the international copyright literacy community. And congratulations to Dr Tania Todorova! 

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