Keep those ideas coming for Icepops 2018

Planning is going well for the Icepops conference which is the first satellite event taking place on 3rd April 2018 ahead of the LILAC Conference. We are delighted to have confirmed our two keynote speakers: Prof Ronan Deazley and Alex Moseley. We are also thrilled to have Dr Hayleigh Bosher, Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law from Coventry University involved in the event.

We’ve already had some great ideas submitted for sessions at the conference. However, as it’s the first time we’re running this conference we have decided to extend the call for contributors until Monday 8th January 2018 at 5pm. Some people have been unsure about what type of contribution we are looking for. So here’s a bit more guidance.

Lightning talks / posters – these are ideal if you have an idea about how you can teach an aspect of copyright or intellectual property that’s tried and tested and you’d like to tell us more about.

Word cafe session – would you like to show us a technique, a game, or an approach of idea that you’re either developing or have used in your teaching? You’ll get around 6 minutes to show off your idea around a table and get immediate feedback from other delegates.

Games workshop / hack – have you got a half formed idea for a game about copyright or IP? If so this format is ideal to bring along your game however developed (or not) it is. You’ll be able to get expert feedback from our keynote speakers, and from games experts and other participants.

Any other ideas? Then pitch them to us! We want the day to be as participatory as possible. We will of course plan the day, but want people to have the freedom to come along and share their ideas in half formed state. If you have written a song about copyright, why not offer to perform it? Have you made a video or cartoon, or graphic novel? Or have you got a crazy idea to do any of the above, but no idea whether it will work in practice. We want to hear from you! We are convinced that creative approaches to copyright education are the way forward and we would love as many people are possible to participate in the conference!

Bookings for the conference will hopefully be open next week. So watch this space! We will also have more information about the prizes and awards on offer at the conference in January. We look forward to hearing from you!

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