Copyright and audiovisual materials: an E-CHARMing story!

Since May 2017 we have been working with Lisa Jeskins on a really interesting piece of research commissioned by Learning on Screen, known as the E-CHARM (Education Copyright Help for Audiovisual Rights in Media) project. The project had a number of aims but primarily aimed to scope out a new copyright advisory service for Learning on Screen, to support their members in the school, further and higher education sectors.

We undertook a literature review and then a survey, followed up with interviews and focus groups from representatives across the education sector, to find out what problems copyright might cause staff and students when dealing with audiovisual materials. Librarians, learning technologists, audiovisual technicians, lecturers and teachers all completed our survey. We also asked them about the help and support they were looking in relation to copyright and audiovisual materials. We’re really grateful to everyone who completed the survey, attended a focus group or took part in an interview. On Friday 1st December Chris and I will be presenting the findings from this research at the Learning on Screen Members’ Day: Copyright, Creativity and Citation.

We have  just finished the final report for Learning on Screen, which includes recommendations for an enhanced copyright advice service. Further details will be announced in 2018, but it comes as no surprise that audiovisual materials have a huge potential to enhance teaching and learning but that copyright can often be a barrier. Similar to other research we’ve done, copyright seems to cause anxieties where the law or licensing is not clear and leads to people being risk averse. Some clear and concise guidance could really help the education sector fully exploit the potential of audiovisual materials and make better use of resources such as Box of Broadcasts. If you are attending the event on Friday we look forward to sharing our findings with you, otherwise expect further details soon from the Learning on Screen website.

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