Copyright Waffle Episode 22

If you find yourself craving some extra copyrighty goodness between the monthly webinars, did you know that you can take Jane and Chris with you on your morning commute, go for a walk in the park with them or even snuggle up on the sofa together?*

We are of course talking about their podcast Copyright Waffle. Subscribe and each time an episode is available, a fresh helping of copyright enlightenment will be delivered straight to your ears for your listening delight.

In the latest episode, you’ll hear from Tania Todorova, Professor of Library Sciences at the University of Library Sciences and Information Technologies in Sofia Bulgaria. In 2013 Tania created the copyright literacy survey to research how much librarians and those working in cultural heritage understand about copyright. The survey has subsequently been run in over 14 countries around the world and Chris and Jane maintain a list of publications on the International Copyright Literacy Survey webpage. They ran the survey in the UK in 2014 and published our findings in 2015 in the journal Library and Information Research.

Tania invited Jane and Chris to Sofia in May of 2022 to speak to partners in the DeCRIS project which is an ERASMUS funded project exploring Digital Education in Times of Crisis and the role of OERs. Partners in this project attending the meeting were mainly library science educators from Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Spain.

In this episode Jane and Chris also discuss the Jisc OER programme which ran from 2009-2012.

Copyright Waffle is available from Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

*Actual attempts to snuggle on the sofa with Chris and Jane without their consent may result in legal action.

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