The Art of The Fair Deal(ing) – online seminar

As part of this year’s Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week, February 20th-24th 2023, Jane and Chris will be taking part in an online seminar on February 20th.

After last years’ successful launch of the UK’s first co-ordinated Fair Dealing Week, Jane and Chris will this year be joined by the guest speaker Amanda Wakaruk from Alberta University who will be sharing her insight as Copyright and Scholarly Communications Librarian. Amanda will be speaking about the Copyright Anxiety Scale and the research she conducted in North America with Celine Gareau-Brennan. This study was published in the Journal of Copyright in Education and Librarianship.

Fair dealing is an important statutory exception to copyright infringement in multiple Commonwealth countries. For example, Canada’s highest court refers to fair dealing as a ‘users’ right’ and copyright as providing a balance between the rights of users and of copyright owners. But are the people who might enjoy this users’ right leaning on it? This session will explore the ‘art’ of fair dealing from a user’s perspective, referencing 2019 data collected with the Copyright Anxiety Scale.

This online event is free to attend, but booking is required. For full details and to sign up, please see the IALS website.

SCURL Fair Dealing week event

In addition to this event, the SCURL Copyright and Legal Group will also be running a Fair Dealing event on Thursday 23rd February from 10-12pm. They have four speakers lined up for this online event which is now open for bookings.

Two of our speakers will be examining Open Access from differing perspectives, Dominique Walker focuses on the Scottish Universities Press (SUP), a  collaborative approach for open access publishing across Scottish HEIs. Prof Emily Hudson (Kings College London), will cover guidance which is currently being developed by UKRI for the exceptions included in their policy relating to monographs, book chapters and edited collections.

Dr Zoi Krokida (University of Stirling) will then discuss filtering tools and users’ fundamental rights, covering different technologies and their implications to the freedom of expression and creativity online.

Finally, there will be a pre-recorded video from the creator of the Fair Use/Dealing week, Kyle K Courtney (Harvard University), where he’ll be discussing Controlled Digital Lending 2.0. Download the session outlines and speaker biographies (Word) for more information.

Happy Fair Dealing week!

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