PlayLearn 2023 – Call for papers

Kathryn writes: If you have played Copyright the Card Game or The Publishing Trap, you’ll know that Chris and Jane are both invested in playful learning. In recent years, what started as physical games have gone online, been openly licensed, adapted and gone global.

In two recent papers, they reflect on these developments. In Playing with Copyright, they consider how playful learning can reduce the anxiety and uncertainty around copyright literacy and also reflect on how they transferred the game online during the pandemic. While in The art of adapting open educational resources for Street Law: Copyright the Card Game a case study, they highlight how undergraduate law students adapted the game to create a tool to raise awareness with sixth form students about the laws and issues of copyright.

As part of their mission to spread playful learning, last year, Jane and Chris delivered a keynote to PlayLearn 2022 (the Playful Learning Conference). Playful Learning is pitched at the intersection of learning and play for adults. Playful in approach and outlook, yet underpinned by robust research and working practices, it provides a space where teachers, researchers and students can play, learn and think together. It’s a space to meet other playful people and be inspired by talks, workshops, activities and events.

If you too have created or participated in any playful learning activities, you may be considering presenting at or attending PlayLearn 2023 which will be held in Leicester on 5-7 July, 2023. The call for sessions is now open and the deadline for submissions is 16 January 2023.


Secker, J. & Morrison, C., (2022) “Playing with Copyright”, The Journal of Play in Adulthood 4(2), 106-125. doi:

Secker, J., Morrison, C & Ridout, F. (2022) The art of adapting open educational resources for Street Law: Copyright the Card Game a case study. International Journal of Public Legal Education 6 (1) pp.84-103. doi:

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