Meet the Copyright Padawans

Earlier this year, the Jedi masters of copyright, Jane and Chris, put out a call for apprentices, or padawans, to join the Copyright Literacy team to help and also to develop their own knowledge of copyright. After a fight to the death with light sabres a relaxed selection process, we are please to introduce the three new recruits.


Kathryn is an Educational Technologist at City, University of London. She began her career as a subtitler for the BBC where she learned how programmes are purchased and licensed, and the eye-watering amounts of money involved. In 2013, she took a masters in Information Science at City, including a module on information law and policy. At City’s library, she worked with the copyright librarian. After a stint at Roehampton, where she worked with Maria, she returned to City in 2018 in the Digital Education Team. As an educational technologist, she is keen to promote the use of OERs whilst still raising copyright awareness in her training sessions. She also has an interest in playful learning.


Maria studied for her MA Library Information Studies at UCL, and she now works as a Library Adviser at University of Roehampton, dealing mainly with LMS and library induction. Outside her library work, she sings at her local church, and is also part of a London-based acapella choir Haraya, where she sings as a soprano.  


Sarah is currently a Library Assistant at the Squire Law Library (University of Cambridge) and has recently completed a postgraduate diploma at the University of Sheffield’s Information School. Sarah is mostly a cataloguer, so is jumping in at the deep end with copyright to expand their own knowledge & ability to help others. Being a firm believer in clear and accessible information in libraries and beyond, particularly when it comes to restrictions and regulations, contributing to Copyright Literacy’s work in this area is an exciting prospect.

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