Copyright Waffle 19 – Prof Asun Esteve

Chris and Jane with Prof Asuncion Esteve Pardo from University of Barcelona (image Jose Bellido)

We were thrilled to speak with Prof Asun Esteve from the University of Barcelona in January this year (2022) for Copyright Waffle podcast number 19. In fact we were so excited that we arranged for her visit to be commemorated in song. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the music video which gives a short summary of what she was up to on her visit to England.

In this podcast Asun spoke to us about her research visit to Queen Mary, University of London as part of her research into open access and scientific publishing. ‘Acceso Abierto’ is the Spanish term for open access and it was our second chance to talk further with Asun, who joined us as a guest speaker for a webinar in January 2021 when she updated us on copyright experiences in Spanish universities during the pandemic.

However, this meeting was particularly significant because we were able to meet in person at the University of Kent to record the podcast. She spoke to us about her research into the role that copyright plays in the open access debate and also told us about some of her copyright heroes who include Prof Artur-Axel Wandtke (, Prof Gerhard Schricker (…ard-schricker.html) and Prof Adolf Deitz (

Later that week (as the song says) she delivered a lecture at Queen Mary University of London, as part of her visit to their Intellectual Property Research Institute. We won’t say too much more, but Asun inspired us with her work and her interest in copyright and its relationship to open access. We urge you to listen to the podcast, but also to check out the recording of her lecture. It’s great to have been able to start up recording the podcasts in person again and we were very grateful to Asun for talking to us.

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