Calling Copyright Literacy Padawans!

Jane and Chris with a stormtrooper
Chris and Jane with a stormtrooper

We’ve been thinking about how to make this blog and website more timely and engaging for our readers and sustainable for the future. Capacity is a big issue for both me and Chris with full time jobs, various professional responsibilities including chairing and being a member of various committees. We often have loads of ideas, resources and news stories we want to share and promote, and the lack of time can be a real issue to getting everything done. We’re now running monthly webinars which are great fun, but take a lot of effort to put together and eat into the time we used to spend on keeping our blog up to date. We can also find ourselves spending a huge amount of time on admin tasks which limits our ability for the more creative side of our work. For some time we have been wishing ‘if only we had a team.’

At the same time we’re aware that there may be new professionals in the library or learning technology world wondering how they can start to develop their understanding of copyright matters in relation to libraries, education and cultural heritage. Becoming a copyright specialist has been the theme of a recent webinar we ran and while there are many routes into working with copyright, what copyright people actually do can seem a bit mysterious and scary to those just starting out.

We’ve been thinking about a possible collaboration that might prove to be a win-win situation. As Chair of the Information Literacy Group I’m aware we have recently recruited a really dynamic New Professionals Committee, made up of a team of keen new professionals or LIS students. It started me thinking that a similar team of trainee copyright literacy “Padawans” might help fill this gap – we will of course come up with a great name for this team (Star Wars references not compulsory). Copyright often doesn’t feature in great detail in many LIS courses and where it does, it’s often covered in a one off session, or at best over a couple of weeks. It’s really not until you start working with copyright that you also start to really how things work in this space – there is a lot of tacit knowledge you can’t get from reading the legislation and the community is really important to your practice.  So with that in mind we’ve decided to try and do something and put it out there to see if anyone would like to help us.

We have drafted a rough person spec, we are looking for 3-4 people in the first instance, who would work with us to develop the role. Sadly we can’t pay you for this, but we’d offer you mentoring, guidance and access to our ongoing support – it would also be something great to put on your CV. We’d hope to be able to wangle you free places at events we might be running, such as the Icepops conference or other training or online events. We’re open to other suggestions about how we might pay back the team if this idea gets off the ground. So here goes…..

The Copyright Literacy duo, Chris Morrison and Jane Secker need your help…… join us on our on going mission to provide copyright education and enlightenment to all. 

Are you?

  • a new professional or student in the library / learning technology / cultural heritage sector or related field

Do you have…..

  • enthusiasm and commitment to learning more about copyright matters that affect education, libraries and cultural heritage
  • good technical and design skills (to help run our social media, website which is based on WordPress, YouTube channel)
  • Good team working skills and a commitment to your own CPD
  • Good research skills and writing skills

If the answer is yes, and you are interested and looking for some mentoring and guidance from us then….

  • Please send us a CV and a short statement (200-500 words) on why you would like to take on this role and what you could offer us.

Closing date for applications Tuesday 26th April 2022

If you have any questions about the role then please drop us a line at ukcopyrightlit@gmail.comSubject Line: Copyright Literacy Padawans

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  1. Morning 😊

    Wondered if this might be something Alan would possibly be interested in. Despite there being no funding on offer, it seems like an excellent opportunity to have mentoring from the leading specialists, although I imagine it might be quite competitive. They’re initially looking to recruit 3 – 4 people so that should improve his chances. Might’ve been interested myself if I’d been 20 years (no, more like 30 years!) younger. Scary thought!



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