BOBCATSSS 2021: call for papers

We are delighted to have been invited to keynote the BOBCATSSS conference in January 2021 which is going to be taking place online. The theme of the conference is digital transformation and it will be taking place from 21-22 January. We plan to talk about copyright literacy in a time of crisis in light of the rapid shift to online learning.

BOBCATSSS is an international annual symposium which addresses hot topics for librarians and information professionals in a fast-changing environment. It is created by and for students, teachers, researchers and professionals in the information field. BOBCATSSS is held under the auspices of BOBCATSSS Association (former EUCLID (European Association for Library and Information Education and Research). It is a tradition which has been passed on from one European country to another since 1993, providing a rich professional conference, accompanied by numerous opportunities for networking, personal exchanges, discussions, and learning.

The 29th conference of BOBCATSSS will be virtual edition, due to the COVID-19 worldwide crisis.  


BOBCATSSS 2021 Virtual Conference with main Theme “Digital Transformation” is jointly organized by the Porto Accounting and Business School – Porto Polytechnic (ISCAP), Portugal, University of Leon, Spain and University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT), Sofia, Bulgaria.


The main theme of the BOBCATSSS 2021 conference is DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

The conference aims to connect theoretical approaches and professional practices by addressing the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION from the perspective of LIS community, information managers, librarians, and archivists.

Submissions may address the following topics, or any other relevant sub-themes:

·        Digital Literacy and Digital Culture

·        Information Literacy Concept Developments

·        Digital transformation pros & cons

·        Fresh Perspective on Digital Transformation

·        Digital Leadership

·        Digitalization at Libraries and Archives

·        Digital Libraries and Repositories – Projects and Best Practices

·        Mobile Digital libraries and Mobile Learning

·        Traditional web technologies vs. mobile internet technologies

·        Cloud-based services and Internet of Things

·        Digital Library Services during the crisis of COVID-19

·        Digitalization and Information Services in organizations

·        Digitalization and Copyright Policy at Libraries, Archives and Museums

·        Protection of data; Protection of e-content

·        Intellectual Property and Online Copyright

·        Digital Transformation: Training of Library and Information Science (LIS) Students and Professionals

·        Libraries and e-government services

·        Green society development through green libraries and sustainable development practices 

·        Interactive reading

·        Digitalization and Librarian Profession in the Future

Please visit the official website of the BOBCATSSS 2021 conference for further information about the conference:


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