New Copyright Waffle with Teresa Hackett from EIFL

Teresa in Kyrgyzstan

We are delighted to release a new episode of Copyright Waffle, our podcast series where we chat to guests on copyright matters (and cake). In this latest episode (Episode 11) we chat to Teresa Hackett who is the Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager for EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries). After spending a week in Kyrgyzstan in August, attending the EIFL General Assembly (for more details see our earlier blog post) we had plenty of opportunities to speak to Teresa about the amazing work she has been doing in developing and transition countries. She also helped facilitate playing the Publishing Trap with delegates during our workshop. The General Assembly seemed an ideal time to record a Copyright Waffle, however the schedule during our time in Kyrgyzstan made it impossible in the end. We therefore agreed to catch up with Teresa several weeks later and have recorded our first Copyright Waffle over Skype.

In the episode Teresa talks about her background and how she ‘got into’ copyright, she talks about the work EIFL have been doing to support their countries to implement the Marrakech Treaty for example. If you are not familiar with the Copyright and Libraries Programme it is well worth checking out the resources they have produced and finding out more about the capacity building and advocacy work they are doing. During the podcast Teresa talks about some of this lobbying and advocacy work that EIFL are involved in (along with organisations such as IFLA) through attending meetings at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Teresa also tells us about her copyright heroes (Teresa’s copyright heroes include: Professor Ruth Okediji, Luis Villarroel Villalon and James Love) and shares a favourite nerdy fact or two about copyright! And of course we talk about cake as well!

Copyright advocacy materials collected by Teresa Hackett

She also has a question for librarians right at the end of the podcast, about whether any institutions maintain a collection of copyright advocacy materials. Teresa has a small collection of material from the European copyright directive (2001) campaign, which ideally she would like to make available to anyone researching this area in future (See photo on the right).

Recording an interview over Skype was exciting for us to test out as it opens up the number of people we might be able to interview in the future. The major downside for the interviewee is we don’t get to share our cake with them! We hope you enjoy this latest episode of the Waffle and we have a couple more in the pipeline coming up soon!

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