Copyright Waffling with Lionel Bently

Chris, Lionel and Jane

Last week we were in Cambridge and it was an ideal opportunity to pop along to the Faculty of Law to meet up with one of the UK’s great minds in the world of copyright, Professor Lionel Bently. During the time we’ve been recording our podcast Copyright Waffle, several people have cited Lionel as being their  ‘copyright hero’ and so we are really delighted to be able to launch Episode 7 of Copyright Waffle today, as a Valentine’s Day treat for copyright lovers!

The first challenge was finding Lionel in the maze that is the Faculty of Law. Luckily, some helpful librarians in the law library, who turned out to be fans of Copyright Waffle, pointed us in the right direction. The next challenge was finding somewhere to sit in Lionel’s amazing, book filled office, with views across to Kings College.

However, we were prepared, with questions and cake, and spent an enjoyable time chatting with Lionel about how he got interested in copyright, who his copyright heroes are, what he’s working on at the moment (a clue it’s related to copyright exceptions!) and what his favourite cake is. We then took him off to the pub for an even more enjoyable pint of beer and we trust he made it home safely on his bicycle afterwards! All our Copyright Waffles have been great but we are particularly pleased to launch this episode and we hope you enjoy it listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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