Happy New Year: the Copyright Literacy stats 2018

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The 1st of January is traditionally called Public Domain Day and this year, perhaps more than ever there has been quite a lot of attention to the day on social media.  Anyhow, it being the 2nd January and still early in the New Year we also thought it was fitting to summarise a few of our statistics from the past year on our blog. The number of hits on the website continues to grow and in 2018 it was 36,592, compared to 21,000 in 2017. Our total number of visitors in 2018 was 18,300 (compared to 10,875 in 2017). The number of comments on the blog is also up to 28, from 16 in 2017. And since the blog started we’ve published 149 posts.

Our website continues to be read most heavily by those based in the UK, but we have a growing international following with the top ten of readers coming from (in order of the highest): USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, New Zealand and India.

Our most popular page in 2018 was The Publishing Trap (4707 hits), our Home page (4173 hits), Copyright the Card Game (3085 hits) and our conference website for Icepops (2178 hits). Search engines and Twitter are the top referrers to our website.

And finally we’ve been delighted to publish a number of guest blog posts in 2018 and the post which is topping the charts, was written by Jane Falconer from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on Copyright and Systematic Reviews with over 2500 hits since it was published in February 2018. However, a very close second was the post by Ruth Harrison, Yvonne Nobis and Charles Oppenheim on Librarians and Sci-Hub, published just in late October 2018 and already topping over 2000 hits! Thank you to all the guest bloggers though. Please keep the posts coming! We love publishing these posts. Happy Public Domain Day, Happy New Year everyone!

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