Copyright the Card Game v2.0 available for download

Last week we were delighted to launch Copyright the Card Game v2.0 at the CILIP Conference. We ran a taster workshop where delegates got to play an abridged version of the game and it was probably the largest group we have run a session for. With 6 teams of up to 8 or 9 people the room got pretty noisy but there was an outright winner in the end.

As with the previous version of the game, all the resources are available to download: a refreshed card deck, PowerPoint Slides for playing the game and instructions to clarify what people using it need to do. One of the key things we’ve addressed in the new version is the wording on some of the cards – to clarify areas that some found confusing, based on our experience of playing the game over the past couple of years. We have also created a new ‘exception’ card for Parody, Pastiche and Caricature and a new ‘licence’ card for software licences. We also did a lot of work on the design of the cards, including introducing a new colour palette and typographical layout for the cards and  the matching slides. We’re really grateful to everyone who gave us feedback on both the content and design. So if you have played v1.0 why not download our new set of resources and don’t forget to give us some feedback on what you think!


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