Copyright Literacy return to Scotland

We are heading up to Dundee on Sunday for the CILIP Scotland conference (#CILIPS17) as the Copyright Literacy tour continues this summer. The theme of the conference is Strategies for Success and out talk is entitled ‘The Road to Copyright Literacy: a journey towards library empowerment.’ Chris was in Scotland last year for the National Acquisitions Group conference where he ran two sessions to showcase Copyright the Card Game, so it’s a return trip and our first real opportunity to give a joint keynote.

Photo by James Bennett used with permission

We were inspired by Donna Lanclos and Dave White’s joint keynote last year at ALT-C, which was an entertaining, partly ad-libbed conversation. For anyone who might have overheard a conversation between Chris and me, they can be rather long and rambling, and a little circular. But we hope that with the creation of some beautiful slides and a 45 minute time limit, we can say something valuable. I don’t wish to spoil it for those attending, but we plan to share some stories about how we got into copyright, talk about the ideas behind critical copyright literacy and why it matters. We also want to encourage the library profession to be bolder, less hesitant about copyright and to feel like it belongs to them. There will also be one or two surprises along the way, as we are big fans of making our sessions interactive and fun. We don’t think safety goggles will be needed this time, but anything is possible!

If you’re coming to Dundee, then we look forward to seeing you there. The conference has a great programme with three other keynotes, from Miguel Figueroa, Val McDermid and Nick Poole and some great parallel sessions. If not you can follow the fun on Twitter. There will also be an opportunity to catch us at the main CILIP conference in Manchester in July, where we’re running an abridged version of the card game.

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