UK Copyright Literacy on Tour – Baltic Leg

Presenting at ECIL 2015The UK copyright literacy research returned to its spiritual home (or should that be information scientific home?) at the European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL) which took place in Tallinn, Estonia from 20-23 October 2015. It was at last year’s conference in Dubrovnik that Jane first heard about the research project initiated by Tania Todorova in Bulgaria to look at levels of copyright literacy amongst librarians and information professsionals. The first countries involved were in Turkey, France, Bulgaria and Croatia but since then many others around the world have joined in and used the same survey instrument.

During the session (which was excellently chaired by Professor John Gathegi from the University of South Florida) we were lucky enough to meet some of our international colleagues presenting findings from Finland, Lithuania and France. Although we were there primarily to present the data from our study and compare these with the results from the other countries, we couldn’t help having a little bit of fun with it so we devised a ‘play your cards right’ game to keep people on their toes. Delegates had to guess whether each statistic we presented was higher or lower than the previous one and if you want to play the game in the comfort of your own home or office then you can access the slides here. We also focused on some of the qualitative data we collected about copyright education and considered issues such as how best to address the anxieties librarians feel about copyright via the medium of games and learning.

It was great to meet others who share an interest in promoting and embedding copyright literacy around the world and we look forward to working with those we met in the future to build a really clear picture of how copyright literacy is experienced in different countries.


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