UK Copyright Literacy is live!

T-shirt We’ve been talking about it for some time, trying to come up with the best name to describe this site, but as ever, it seems that calling something what it is, rather than a fancy name that is meaningless is far better (and easier). So welcome to UK Copyright Literacy, the mission launched by Jane Secker and Chris Morrison earlier this year, to spread awareness of copyright as widely as possible throughout the world. We wrote a blog post for CILIP that sets out much of our thinking about this topic. However, it all started last year at the 2nd European Conference on Information Literacy in Dubrovnik, when Jane heard presentations of a Copyright Literacy Survey that had been carried out in Bulgaria, Croatia, France and Turkey to survey the levels of understanding of copyright among librarians and ‘cultural heritage sector’ workers, led by Dr Tania Todorova. As a Copyright and Digital Literacy Advisor, the relationship between information and digital literacy and copyright was always pretty clear to me, but finding out that many librarians around Europe did not feel confident about copyright matters was fascinating. I wanted to understand if the situation was the same in the UK and why this might be. And so, the rest as they say is history.

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