The Publishing Trap v1.0 resources

You can download the resources you need to play the original version of Publishing Trap from this page. If you would like to experience the updated online version of the game, please visit our page about The Publishing Trap online [link to be added shortly].

To get access to v1.0 we ask that you complete the Publishing Trap download form. We promise not to share your data but would like to collect details of people who download the game to understand who is using it and to help us build a developers’ community.

Licensing Information: The beta version of the game is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Licence. This is to allow us to gather feedback from as many people as possible before releasing a second iteration of the game.

The game resources folder includes:

  • The Publishing Trap instructions: everything you need to prepare the resources and learn how to play the game
  • The board (available in A1 poster format, or 4 x A3 format)
  • The Playbook (A4 booklet either single or double-sided)
  • The Wildcards and Skills cards (A4 size – 4 cards per page to be printed double-sided)
  • The Impact Assessment Cards (A4 size – 4 cards per page to be printed double-sided)
  • The tokens (knowledge, money, impact and skills which are laid out on A4)

You will also need a dice and approximately 70 X 2cm circular tokens – we suggest white counters which are used to cover up the choices that players have NOT selected each round. Examples of the tokens can be seen here.

You may prefer to purchase coloured counters (2cm in diameter) in place of using the knowledge, impact and money tokens which require printing and cutting out.